LX-9 Super-smooth High resilience Silicone oil finishing agent

  The product is a polyester two-dimensional, three-dimensional crimped fibers silicone finishing agent, using a variety of ultra-high molecular polymer compound effective surfactants can be applied to the fiber stiff, smooth and full handle.

1, Uses

1) using the object: After suitable hollow polyester staple fiber finishing, fibers play a stiff, smooth action and high resilience.

2) Effective Ingredients: 40%

3) Features and Benefits:

(1) forming a reticular chemistry of a surface coating of good fiber

(2) excellent stiff, smooth feel, full of fiber reinforced resilience

(3) a good penetration into the interior of the fibers so that the fiber becomes stiff, smooth

(4) green-aids, free of APEO, NPEO, in line with European ROHS environmental standards

4) applies ratio:

901:902:903:904 = 7:2:1:0.35

2, Performance characteristic table







White emulsion

White emulsion

colorless transparent liquid

colorless transparent liquid


38% ± 2

45% ± 2

12% ± 2


Ph value





3. The method of preparation:

1) two-dimensional method of bath ingredients

(1) Padding bath tank (as 103.5kg Silicone oil dope, 1000kg water, for example):

(A) Silicone oil in a clean bucket, the material 904 was added 3.5 kg 30kg of water, stirred for 10 minutes and put away into the water ahead of the half padding bath tank

(B) the expected 901 70 kg, 902 feed 20 kg with bath tank, stir

(C) the remaining water was added to the bath, add 10 kg 903 material mixed evenly using padding

(2) spray formulation bath method (with a three-dimensional manner bath ingredients)

(3) additional liquid ingredients manner (as 10.35kg Silicone oil liquid, 50kg water, for example)

(A) 904 to feed 0.35 kg 30kg of water was added, stirred for 10 minutes

(B) the expected 901 7 kg, 902 feed with 2 kg with the sump, stirred for 10 minutes

(C) the remaining 20 kg of water was added with sump Stir, add 1 kg 903 material was stirred for 5 minutes of additional use

2) a three-dimensional manner bath ingredients (as 10.35kg Silicone oil dope, 100kg water, for example)

(1) The material 904 was added 0.35 kg 30kg of water, stirred for 10 minutes

(2) the 901 material 7 kg, 902 feed 2 kg with bathing tank, stirred for 10 minutes

(3) The remaining 70 kg water was added to the bath Stir, add 1 kg 903 material was stirred for 5 minutes using a spray

4, Post-weaving Silicone oil fueling conditions:

1) the location and method of supply

D Best Fuel method:

Padding: will "padding bath tank dosing method" with a good bath directly at a certain time (according to the wire handle situations and requirements), supplemented by "additional liquid dosing method" with good bath.

Spray: Spray directly after crimping machine according to "three-dimensional manner ingredients bath" with a good bath.

D Best Fuel method:

Spray: Spray directly after crimping machine according to "three-dimensional manner ingredients bath" with a good bath.

2) oven temperature:

[A] preheating zone area: 140 ℃ 
[II] drying zone: 170 ~ 190 ℃, the highest not be greater than 210 ℃ 
District cooling zone [three]: 140 ℃

3) optimum fiber oiling rate of 0.3% to 0.4% by weight, per ton of fiber used Silicone oil 8kg ~ 10kg.

5, Cautions

1) This product has good compatibility with cationic and non - ionic , can not be used with anionic.

2) The product should be stored in clean, sealed plastic or steel drum, shelf life is six months.


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